Playoff Hockey May or May Not Be Going on Right Now


Numerous sources in the U.S. are showing that NHL Playoff hockey–you know, that sport where people hit a small disk into a net with a wooden stick and skate around on a frozen patch of water–may or may not be underway at this very moment in time. Read more…


2013 NBA Playoffs: Celtics’ Biggest Strengths & Weaknesses

2013 NBA Playoffs: Celtics' Biggest Strengths & Weaknesses

2013 NBA Playoffs: NY Knicks’ Biggest Strengths & Weaknesses


Area Man to Watch WNBA Draft If Nothing Else Good On


Above: The 2012 WNBA Draft class

Area man Chris Duley is thinking that he may tune in to live coverage of the 2013 WNBA Draft beginning at 8:00pm on ESPN2, but only “if like nothing else good is on, you know?” Read more…

Kobe Injury Just Part of ‘KobeSystem,’ Nike Assures Lakers Fans


Following Kobe Bryant’s season-ending Achilles injury,┬áNike has scrambled to convince Lakers fans that everything will be okay and that the LA superstar’s injury is just a part of the KobeSystem. Read more…

Dairy Farmers Ask Kevin Ware to Appear in ‘Got Milk?’ Ad


Kevin Ware, the Louisville guard who sustained a gruesome broken leg in his team’s Elite Eight game versus Duke last week, has reportedly received an offer to appear in a new ‘Got Milk?’ print ad intended to stress the beneficial effects that milk has on maintaining strong bones. Read more…

LeBron James Determined Not to Let Loss Stop His Own 27-Game Streak of Eskimo Kissing Dwyane Wade After Every Alley-Oop


Despite the recent snapping of the Miami Heat’s historic 27-game winning streak, Heat forward LeBron James is determined not to let anything get in the way of his own 27-game streak of tenderly Eskimo kissing teammate Dwayne Wade after every alley-oop the duo connect on.

Read more…

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